Source By Stereogum… Robyn is well-known for working on spontaneous, one-off projects or collaborating with likeminded artists. Even if she’s struggling to perform La Bagatelle Magique material that she composed with her sadly now deceased collaborator Christian Falk, that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to put magnificent music into the universe. AsBrooklyn Vegan points out, Read more..


Source By Stereogum… My summer of 2014 was an endless tunnel of evil, humid darkness. A combination of unfortunate events left me feeling totally out of sorts and unmoored — a sad, post-hysterical mess who could barely pull herself out of bed to get to work slinging burgers and making milkshakes in the morning. When Read more..


Source By Stereogum… As I write this, I’m sharing my office with a 130-pound yellow labrador named Flapjack. The last time I took him to a boarder, she was like, “You know your dog’s massively overweight, right?” And yes, I do. It’s hard to miss. He is a titanic mass of dog. He is big Read more..


Source By stereogum… Saturday Night Live’s 41st season premieres this Saturday with Miley Cyrus holding down joint duties as host and musical guest. (Joint, get it? Because Miley loves weed? Trust me, she’d find it funny.) Although Cyrus has graced the SNL stage before, the next two musical guests, the Weeknd and Demi Lovato, are making Read more..


Source By Stereogum… A month removed from her very good new album Cranekiss, Tamaryn and her backing band are featured in a new live session for They played three songs from the record — “Hands All Over Me,” the title track, and “Last” — and bring as much energy to the stage (well, room) Read more..


Source By Stereogum… GØGGS is a new band made up of Ty Segall, Ex-Cult’s Chris Shaw, and Charles Moothart (also part of one of Segall’s many other projects, Fuzz). “GØGGS is three heads, one spine, circling the drain of the wasteland known as mother earth,” Shaw writes in the very dramatic introduction accompanying their debut Read more..